1001-79C Center Cap

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For your consideration this is for ONE (1) custom wheel center caps off a Fuel Custom Wheel 
Diameter: Appx.  7" & 7/8 inches across the back of cap. 
Finish: Chrome
Part Number: 1001-79 / 1001-79C
WHEEL MODELS : D787 Assault, Triton D211, Sledge D270, Sledge D631, Assault D246, Cleaver D573, Maverick D536, Hostage D530, Hostage D531, Rocker D272, Triton D210, Maverick D538, Vapor D560, Vapor D569, Crush D561, Renegade D594, Razor D592, Sledge D596, Assault D546, Sledge D595, Ambush D555, Cleaver D574, Battle Axe D578, Maverick D610, Wildcat D597, Hardline D621, Schism D649, Hardline D620, Rocker D613, D211 Triton, D246 Assault, D270 Sledge, D272 Rocker, D530 Hostage, D531 Hostage, D536 Maverick, D538 Maverick, D546 Assault, D555 Ambush, D556 Coupler, D560 Vapor, D561 Crush, D569 Vapor, D573 Cleaver, D574 Cleaver, D575 Coupler, D578 Battle Axe, D592 Razor, D594 Renegade, D595 Sledge, D596 Sledge, D597 Wildcat, D610 Maverick, D613 Rocker, D620 Hardline, D621 Hardline, D622 Dakar, D625 Hostage, D631 Sledge, D646 Hardline, D649 Schism, D571 Strykr, D599 Wildcat, D534 Boost, D436 Maverick
BOLT PATTERN : 6x5.5 / 6x139.7, 6x135, 5x4.5 / 5x114.3, 5x5 / 5x127, 5x5.5 / 5x139.7, 5x150, 6x120, 8x6.5 / 8x165.1, 5x110, 5x120, 8x170, 6x4.5 / 6x114.3, 5x108
*Note: Please match up the part number on the back of your cap to what is posted above to assure correct fitment.
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